Today a new album Velvet and Bone is released to the Stag Hare catalog. The physical cassette edition is available through Inner Islands. Digital streams and downloads available through my bandcamp as well as Inner Islands.
As always thanks for listening.
I feel good about this one. ♥♥♥

Velvet and Bone is structured as a gothic fable.
It is about the act of self reflection through
knowing another.
It is about seeing the shadow and knowing the shadow.
It is about seeing death and knowing death.
It is about bones, and the way they are shaped
by the tensions put on them by various
opposing muscles.
It is about the swamps of depression.
It is about love in its most tragic and therefore
most beautiful form.

Velvet and Bone includes materials written over many years,
dating back as far as 2010 and started as an
attempt to finally make recorded versions of some
lyrical material I had written over the years.
I was in school studying bodywork and energy work
and discovering a whole new side of life,
the physical side, the flesh and bone side,
and the accompanying realization that my interest
in the metaphysical and the spiritual had bypassed,
ironically, perhaps a missing link in my exploration.
I had somehow ignored or been hiding
from the world of the physical,
and the importance of personal connection to our
three dimensional vessels. Experiencing
the very real and very tangible power of touch,
of intention with touch, and the emotional unraveling
that I personally needed to undertake in order
to find my body.
I won’t say that I have found it at this point,
but I know now that I am at least on the journey
to retrieving that lost connection,
and that I can perceive the reflection playing out
in that other realm,
in something like a parallel and opposite action.
As I reach you I can reach me.

-Willow Skye Biggs
September 27 2016


Hello! Its been awhile, but I am excited to share two big announcements! First there will be a new Stag Hare album being released by Inner Islands on October 16th titled “Velvet and Bone” featuring 6 new songs which I’ve been working on over the past year and am very pleased to finally share. The second announcement is that Stag Hare will be opening for Tycho this coming Friday , September 16th at the Complex in Salt Lake City where I will be debuting some of the new sounds as well as mixing in some old sounds as well. This is the first solo Stag Hare performance in such a long time, I’m very excited to get back into performing. More updates and shows coming soon… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



The Tapestry box sets are nearly sold out through Inner Islands so I am putting up a few for sale through my site here.

These turned out really fantastic.  Four tape box sets with four hours of music over 16 tracks in a VHS sized box case, custom metallic ink printing on the cover and a glossy cardstock insert.  Orders will also include a download link.  Not many left as we were not able to make too many.

“An exploration of subtle expanses, a connecting network in the web of being, a combined effort of sound landscape pattern creation.  Sixteen tracks commissioned from December 2014 to July 2015 each made individually and personalized for each patron.  Improvised long form zones creating a singular larger structure, totaling four hours in sound, ebbing and flowing in subtle shifting tones and moods.”

Massive thanks again to everyone who commissioned tracks and made this project possible.  I may start taking submissions again at some point, maybe change the parameters a bit, I’m not sure, but for the time being just taking some time to focus on a couple new albums to be released next year while also attending a massage school and hanging with my 2 year old.  Plans in motion for a new and awesome full band Stag Hare live performance to hopefully be up and running in the new year.

Thanks as always.



Really excited for this show for those of you in Salt Lake City, going to be the release show for the Tapestry box set and going to be the first show as a band in quite some time.  Maybe I will see you there… <3



Pre-order for the Tapestry box set is up at Inner Islands.  So pleased and excited with how this has all come together and turned out.  Official release date November 11th. Limited to 50 copies.


tapestry-boxes tapestry-tapes


“…..Having found my own way through the world by studying myths and stories, I tend to answer with old tales that show how people have survived great troubles and the spread of fear many times before. Too much fear can lead to unnecessary panic as well as a paralysis of imagination. An old story can help contain the fear and reduce the tendency to panic and run away from life’s inevitable risks.

This old teaching story comes from the great African savannahs where life pours forth in the form of teeming, feeding herds. As the herds eat their way across the plains, lions wait in the tall grass nearby, anticipating the chance to prey upon the grazing animals. In preparation, they send the oldest and weakest members of the pride away from the rest of the hunting pack. Having lost much of their strength and most of their teeth, the roar of the old ones is far greater than their ability to bite.

The old lions go off and settle in the grass directly across from where the strong and hungry lions wait and watch. As the herd enters the area between the hunting pack and the old lions, the old ones roar mightily. At the sound of the roaring, most of the herd panics. Blinded by fear, they turn and flee from the seeming source of danger. As they rush wildly in the opposite direction, they run right to where the strongest lions wait in the tall grass for dinner to arrive.

“Run towards the roar,” the old people used to tell the young ones. When faced with great danger in this world, run towards the roaring, go where you fear to go, for only there will you find some safety and a way through danger. Trouble that is faced when it first appears can be the roar that awakens a person’s deepest resources. In times of trouble or tragedy, a person either steps into life more fully or else slips into a diminished life characterized by fear and anxiety.

The modern world has begun to roar in a big way and fear has become the dominant emotion amongst people of all ages. Old folks fear that they will lose health care and retirement benefits; those in their prime earning years fear that they can’t earn enough or could lose their jobs at any moment; and young people fear that there is no place for them in this fearful world where the whole thing could seemingly end at any moment.

Clearly, there are real fears and wild uncertainties in this rapidly changing world. There are many people waiting and willing to exploit the fears of others. And, the tendency to panic as part of the herd can suddenly strike anyone. Everyone feels some fear when panic is in the air. Yet, fear can also be a guide that clarifies what needs to be risked for a greater life to be found. That’s what I tell young people when they ask what to do as the world around us becomes increasingly riddled with great uncertainty and blind reactions.

Don’t get caught in the blind fears that grip the herd. When the world roars at you, it is time to go where you fear to go. The real risk in this life has always been that of becoming oneself amidst the uncertainties of existence. On this earth everything we are given can also become lost. The notion that life should be safe or even that retirement should be secure misses the point of fully living the story seeded in one’s soul from the beginning.

The old soul in the human psyche knows that the whole thing has hung by a thread all along. Not that there aren’t real fears, but that those who are older are supposed to draw wisdom from surviving the trouble in their own lives. Those “old enough to know better” are not supposed to panic and foolishly add to the roaring of the world.

Those looking for security in the midst of radical change become easy pickings for those trying to benefit from the roaring troubles of this world. Those who believe that life should be predictable or that their security should be guaranteed wind up caught in the teeth of blind anger or debilitating fear. As an Irish poet once said, “A false sense of security is the only kind there is.”

In the end, what we fear will not go away, for it indicates what we must go through in order to live more fully. As an old African proverb advises: When death or danger finds you, let it find you alive! Whether it be an individual, a community or a country, when faced with tragedy or fearful uncertainty we either enter life more fully or else begin to accept a smaller way of being. In the end, or when the end seems near, genuine security can only be found by taking the risks that lead to a greater sense of life and a more inclusive and encompassing way of being in the world.”

– Michael Meade


Pleased to announce this new release, “Vessel – Part One: Pulse Cocoon”.   Just in time for the full moon in pisces today!  Presented as a mixtape in one single 50 minute track made up of 5 movements it is available to stream and to download for $1.

This is a new digital only release, part one of a two part series called Vessel.

Pulse Cocoon is made up of previously released Stag Hare material re-envisioned as inspired and shaped by a number of outdoor / late night  performances over this past summer.
Materials featured range from cuts of the all ambient Tapestry series (upcoming 4xCassette release on Inner Islands this November!) to various elements and beats from albums Black Medicine Music, Angel Tech, Spirit Canoes and Sand Paintings all brought together with new production elements, synths, beats, sounds, vocals etc
Part two will follow a very similar trajectory but be made up of almost entirely all unreleased material.
Custom built for such uses as:  dancing, daydreaming, daydreaming while dancing,  alternative yoga uses, hiking soundtrack, long drives, trips of all types, painting and homework doing and cooking and playing.


Decoder just posted this interview/article on Stag Hare.  Super dope.

[iframe_loader src=”http://www.secretdecoder.net/features/2015/08/12/sound-is-what-it-wants-to-be-dialing-out-to-stag-hare/”]


Temperatures cooling down for the day here in Salt Lake and some much appreciated rainfall.  Lots of energies seem to have peaked over the past week…..some great joys and some great tragedies.  Whether you are basking in the after glow, looking for new energy after a loss, or feeling some sort of calm after the storm that these past few days seem to have brought to many, or whether you are just living your day to day, I made this track as commissioned by Diego Aguilar-Canabal for him, and I now offer it humbly to all of you.  Micro melodies and sonic washes for your inner or outer environmental needs.  Look for this track accompanying an interview I did with Diego for Decoder one of these days as well….. I tried to hold off on posting it but feel the time is right to share.  Hope you enjoy…


home.  thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, played, chilled, and put us up.  such good vibes all around.  thanks electric sound bath for this dope selenite wand.  until next time….

there are a few shirts left for sale in the shop.

looking forward to a few new releases this year, some new videos and stuff coming out on the Tracer Trax label including ongoing installments in the Ariel series I’m doing.

stay tuned for more, as always, thank you.


Beyond stoked about the newest Tapestry installment, this one came with a video for inspiration, so here is the track and the video made by Anthony Birkholz (www.vimeo.com/anotherbeing). Its a long zoner, hope you enjoy!


Here’s another Stag Hare and Ashan collab set, the last show of that tour, at Valentines in Portland Oregon.  A mysterious stranger brought some flowers.


I uploaded a few of the sets from the Temple Vibes tour Ashan and I did last October, these two are from Bakersfield and Seattle.  The Bakersfield show was the first set we did playing together as a collaborative set and had such a good time we played that way for the rest of the tour (which was most of the tour).



I finally finished this video for the song Grays (Doom and Gloom Mantra) from Angel Tech. The video was shot around the time I was mixing and finishing that album in the house we were living in shortly after my son was born. The view out the window is essentially directly across from where my workstation was set up. Its a very slow moving video and represents a period for me when time was particularly tangible and I could easily pass many hours with my son in my arms doing nothing but sitting and feeling an incredible and powerful stillness. That time is long since gone, but this song and video still capture that for me. The song itself was written some time prior as a love song and a song of solidarity with all who feel that periodic and deep ache and wish to no longer inhabit this particular existence.


Thank you to all who came out to the shows these past few weeks, and to all the amazing other performers we shared nights with.  It was a fantastic experience to be able to play to so many people, and to finally meet many people I have only known online, as well as meet new people who I am honored to now count as friends.  Until next time…….

Stay tuned for some new videos, new music, new performance dates, and very soon a new project I have been secretly forging…..thanks as always for the ears, the eyes, the minds.

Still some tapes left, not too many though!