An exploration of subtle expanses, a connecting network in the web of being, a combined effort of sound landscape pattern creation.  Sixteen tracks commissioned from December 2014 to July 2015 each made individually and personalized for each patron.  Improvised long form zones creating a singular larger structure, totaling four hours in sound, ebbing and flowing in subtle shifting tones and moods.

Vessel Part One: Pulse Cocoon

Made up of previously released material re-envisioned as inspired and shaped by a number of outdoor/late night performances over the summer of 2015.
Materials featured range from the all ambient Tapestry series to various elements and beats from albums: Black Medicine Music, Angel Tech, Spirit Canoes and Sandpaintings, all brought together with new production elements, synths, beats, sounds and vocals.




Drawing from recordings dating back as far as 2010, this album is made up of 4 instrumental movements, completed and mixed in the summer of 2014 as the final piece of the Djrona Trilogy (Angel Tech, Pongdools, Gazer).  A releasing from structure, definition, or tangible form.  These are the four gazes into four mirrors of sky.  A final offering of devotion to Djrona.  The aetheric expanse and the space between spaces.



Recorded in the summer of  2014, an extension of the world imagined in Angel Tech (along with Gazer comprising the Djrona Trilogy).  Imagining the pop side of Djrona devotional.    Thunderstorms, seeking, loss, prayer, pain transmuted into light.  Home cooked food on a rainy summer night.


Angel Tech

Recorded over a period from 2012 – 2013.  New life, new perspectives, reinvention, death.  An investigation into the sacred meeting the profane/mundane.   Blood on the ferns.  A dusting of starlight across the wasteland.  Imagining new modern rituals disguised in plain site.   A devotional to the gods Djrona.


 Spirit Canoes

Recorded in Portland Oregon throughout 2011 in a space near the Willamette river. Four pieces telling a cyclical story, each piece inspired in part by the four directions and the four seasons.  Structurally informed/inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. An investigation into the subtle layers of self and a journey into new worlds, passing through varying landscapes and moods, only to wind up back where we started. Water, wood, moss, love, sorrow, despair.  A pagan offering.  A practice in self taught witchcraft. Being followed by the raven.



Recorded in early 2010 inspired by the land between Salt Lake City and Northern Arizona. The concept of a structural design acting as healing portal for alien/angel spirits to emerge.


 Black Medicine Music

Recorded from fall 2007 to spring 2008.  The majority of the album was conceived and recorded in Arcata California, nestled between the redwoods and the North Coast sea.  Created as a manifesto encoded in energy and sound.



This is the first full album, recorded in the winter of 2006 in Farmington Utah.  It acts as central gateway opening for the unfolding of the Stag Hare project.  Ancestry, incantation, portal to the underworld.

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